We must lead with empathy


So Russia made its move.

It feels heavy and difficult to express; how the invasion of Ukraine can happen in our times today.


As I sit from a place of safety, words feel superfluous. Yet expression through shared writings makes connections with others, who may also be feeling heavy.


The path of self-inquiry asks, what is my place in this and does it matter? I don´t have the answer.


Yet as a privileged western woman championing people to drive positive social and environmental change, I know that how I respond does matter.


As business owners, we are, by default, leaders. We make decisions that impact our work, our teams and our clients. These decisions influence their actions which initiate the compound effect. How we lead within our micro world can create change beyond in the macro world.


We need to lead with empathy.

We need to place planet over profit.

We need to share global resources sustainably.

We need to honour and adapt to the cyles of nature.

We need to change the culture of the old dictatorial system.

We need to see the planet and all species as one interconnected place; what effects one, effects another.


Yes, it´s heavy. Yes, it´s hard. However, YES, IT´S POSSIBLE.


Whether you are a solopreneur or in charge of a big team, if you lead every day with the conscious intention to make a positive difference, in any small or big way, then there is no doubt that you are. 


Stay safe everyone. 


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