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We invite you to enjoy our gatherings of like minds, workshops and events. Learn new skills, share your stories and make new friends.

Join a community of conscious creatives, social entrepreneurs and purpose-led business folk who love the great outdoors and want to address the global challenges for a sustainable future.

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Conversations That Matter: How have you and your work transitioned through the last 2 years?

Join an in-person gathering with other conscious businesses, creatives and entrepreneurs.

In this listening space, free from the narrative of everything we do, you are invited to share your stories and experiences on the theme: How have you and your work transitioned through the last two years, and what positive steps are you feeling called to take moving forwards?

With no attachment to output, come as you are and experience the magic of Circle and Story; an opportunity to share, connect and learn from the experiences of others and widen our perception beyond ourselves. Enjoy a sense of belonging among like-minds and give voice to what you feel called to share.

NB: In the richness of the experience you may wish to just listen knowing that silence is also welcome.

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